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Mountain Ridge



Singapore High Technology Association was established.


A few passionate and enthusiastic veteran entrepreneurs came together with the aim to contribute back to the industry.

Singapore Advanced Manufacturing Technology also known as SAMTA was officially registered and approved by ROS.


Meaning of the Logo:

Pictorial Background representing the TAC is focusing on driving the advanced and green technology

5 green squares representing the association moving forward with the 5 key initiatives in sustainability - Energy conservation, Pollution control, 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover), Renewable energy and Social Responsibility

All square boxes representing Digitalisation.

20220621 SAMTA Logo.jpg

Meaning of the name SAMTA

Sustainability (S) through adoption of Artificial Intelligence (A), Metaverse (M), Technology (T) Adoption (A)

More exciting news on the way!

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